Ramadan Day 10- You shouldn’t be gaining weight

graphic courtesy of Muslim Matters

Muslim Matters posted a ‘5-Step Guide to Healthy Ramadan Weight Loss‘ which is worth your time to read (its a bit long), but in summary the 5 Steps in brief are:

  1. Stop speed eating at Sahoor
  2. Don’t obsess about food
  3. Exercise (Duh)- doesnt take Sherlock Holmes to figure that out.
  4. Stop feasting after iftar
  5. Be Mindful of other- something I wrote about already in my previous Ramadan posts.

I personally am following the Rehan Jalali Ramadan Nutrition and Workout Plan (which is on Suhaib Webbs blog) this year.  I made some modifications to it because I needed it to suit my lifestyle a bit better, but for the most part I started on Ramadan Day 1 and have been going strong.  While I have been successful in not gaining weight the past four years, and the past two years actually losing weight, I wanted to take things up a notch and get back on track for my 70 Day Challenge which abrubptly came to a stop on Day 35 (Law School, things not working out with a girl, law school, midterms and tests, moving out of apartment, law school doubts).

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