Millennial Quran Study Content Guide

This is the place where I hope to consolidate all the posts I have on the Millennial Quran Study Project (MQSP), which was formally known as the Quran Year Project (QYP), and the tagging of posts with #OccupyQuran.

Logistical Posts

Logistical Posts are related to the planning and execution of the MQSP endeavor. These would be posts that bring in outside references and hold the citations and material that I am drawing on to make this project something meaningful. These notes also will lay out my own thought process not he project.

  1. Introducing the Quran Year Project
  2. QYP: Is Revelation Order Important?
  3. Project Bibliography

Field Notes

Field Notes are the posts that have my running notes on what I am gleaning, unfiltered to an extent, from the project. It serves as the first order of learning from this project for me. As such, I hope you view these particular blog posts as “Cliff’s Notes” to the project and can draw from them your own inferences and gems.

Meccan Revelations

Phase I

Phase II

Medinan Revelations

Reflection on MQSP

Reflection posts will deal with the transformational understanding I have gleaned from this project. The deeper more personal learning. Usually following form some theme informed by my own experiences, current affairs, or other learning opportunities. These are, hopefully, the more interesting posts from this.

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