Driven by curiosity’s sake.

  • Big Swell, “The Wedge” (Newport Beach, CA) and Photographing Surfers

    To keep my sanity I have tried to take some time each week to develop a hobby and skill in an area of interest that I haven’t spent much time pursuing.  Photography is something I have found to be fascinating.  The ability to capture a moment and make it last forever is captivating for me,… Read more

  • Mr. Miyagi- Wax it all off

    I was working on writing my reflection on the past ten years of life in a post-9/11 world reality.  This entire week is devoted to all sorts of memorials and special segments on T.V. regarding all the emotions and information surrounding 9/11.  Rightly its an immense historical event, its shaped this country and fundamentally changed… Read more

  • C.A. Esquire- The Most Important Weapon in Your Law School Arsenal

    Its my third week of law school now.  I have ditched my comfortable apartment, along with the local coffee shop and am taking up permanent residence in the dreaded library.  It’s disturbing because it’s so quite here. Anyway, there is so much to share from the past two weeks have been an immense learning curve… Read more

  • C.A. Esquire- Lessons for a Smooth Transition to Law School

    Law school, if you haven’t already heard or realized, is not like other experiences.  The honeymoon is very short lived.  Having finished my first week of classes, all I have to say is that I am worried about sustaining this pace of work, the demand is not anything I have experienced so far (…and this… Read more

  • Day 20- We Still Hungry!

    A Mothers Kiss Halima Hassan holds her severely malnourished 7-month-old son, Abdulrahman Abshir, at the Banadir hospital on Aug. 14 in Mogadishu, Somalia.  Pic courtesy: MSNBC Famine.  Defined as “extreme and general scarcity of food, as in a country or a large geographical area” and “extreme hunger or starvation” Every wonder what it means to… Read more

  • Day 19- Ready Set Carpe-Laylatul-Qader

    We are in the final stretch now, the precipice of attaining a lifetimes worth of amazing reward or washing out.  Can you handle the pressure?  Its immense and I know from past experiences when Ramandan hasn’t gone by all that well- lots of failure, lots of struggle, total lack of commitment the last ten days seem… Read more

  • Day 18- Chronicles of An Aspiring Esquire- Orientation Week

    So now that I got a name for my posts on law school experiences, its only proper to start the reflections for Ramadan with one that incorporates my experience with school thus far.  All week I have been at Law School Orientation (LSO). LSO has been intense, not the content of the workshops, but rather because… Read more

  • Hello My Name Is….

    Crazy folks that took their time to vote- all 15 of you, probably 7 of them were my sister!- I want to thank you!  It was great to get feedback on what name to use for the next three years of my life when talking about my experiences in LAW SCHOOL. Some of you took the… Read more

  • Day 17-Laughing All the Way to the Hell

    I spend a lot of my time laughing.  I approach life with laughter.  When I am faced with a very tricky situation I find ways to joke around about it, even if its painful to make light of the situation.  I often times feel thats the only way to address the circumstances, it will be… Read more

  • Chronicles of an Esquire In Training- Help Me Pick A Name!

    So I have been playing around with this title “Chronicles of an Esquire in Training” but found it to be to wordy. I was hoping you might help me decide what to do! Take a look, vote and/or leave comments PLEASE! Read more