Hello My Name Is….

Crazy folks that took their time to vote- all 15 of you, probably 7 of them were my sister!- I want to thank you!  It was great to get feedback on what name to use for the next three years of my life when talking about my experiences in LAW SCHOOL.

Some of you took the opportunity to suggest some other names, many of which were really great!  I wish we could do another vote to figure out what to finalize, but there was a bit of a overwhelming majority (not really, just 1 more than the runner up, but this isn’t a pure democracy, its my world so I can tip the scale) that chose a specific name to roll with and I don’t want to disappoint.  But before I get to the finalized name I wanted to share some of the suggestions I found really funny or just down right ingenious.

  1. Raising the bar with Affad Shaikh
  2. Aspiring Esquire in Training
  3. and, Arbiter No More
All of them are GREAT!  Like I said earlier I wish I could do another poll and get which one would compete with the winner of the original poll, but its time to decide and the decision is….

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