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  • Expectations for VONA

    Expectations for VONA

    I just finished packing up for my trip to Miami, Florida. I will be spending the week out at the University of Miami campus in Coral Gables for the VONA Writers Workshop. I am really excited about this opportunity, as it was part of my self development goal for 2016. I was asked how I felt about this opportunity.… Read more

  • I VONA Check-In

    I VONA Check-In

    I haven’t been regular with posts these past couple of weeks. Rest assured I have drafted multiple Field Notes for the Millennial Quran Study Project, and have diligently worked on some other posts. Its just I have had to really buckle down and get out of the way something that I have dragged my feet on, and for… Read more

  • Hello TomTom Spark Cardio?

    Hello TomTom Spark Cardio?

    Sometime ago I wrote about how I had to retire my Nike+ TomTom digital watch. A bit triumphantly, maybe? A bit of a tumultuous journey later, here I am getting the TomTom Spark Cardio. Bummer extraordinaire that I hadn’t just stuck with the Nike+. I actually was never pleased with the tech that followed- JawBone… Read more

  • MQSP: Field Notes #8

    MQSP: Field Notes #8

    This is Part III, and will be the second to last portion of the chapter Al Qalam, covering verses 17 to 33. The previous field notes, FN#7 Part II, covers Surah Al-Qalam, verses 8-16. To recap from the beginning check out FN#2 Part I. By the time these verses of Al-Qalam are revealed the message of the Quran was being openly propagated by the… Read more

  • MQSP: Field Notes #7

    MQSP: Field Notes #7

    FN#7 covers Surah Al-Qalam, verses 8-16, and its Part II (this is long-er chapter). To recap, check out FN#2 Part I. By the time these verses of Al-Qalam are revealed the message of the Quran was being openly propagated by the Prophet. He was also facing stiff opposition. Opposition…there’s the external sort, and then the internal sort.… Read more

  • MQSP Bibliography

    MQSP Bibliography

    I guess I need to put together a list of resources I am using for the Millennial Quran Study Project. This post is a collection, which I will continue to update as the project goes along, of resources I am using. Quran and Tafsirs The Meaning of the Quran, by Syed Abul Ala’Maududi; however, this… Read more

  • MQSP: Field Notes #6

    MQSP: Field Notes #6

    Friends I am quickly coming to the end of my first Field Notes memo book. While I planned this activity to be trailing my actual reading, note taking, and reflective process, that too is a shrinking margin. Part of the challenge for me is to keep focused on the task. Except, I am also realizing… Read more

  • MQSP: Field Notes #5

    MQSP: Field Notes #5

    There were two phases of revelation. After the first phase there was a period where no revelations were received. This worried the Prophet incredibly. When revelation began, it was with the first seven verses of Surah Al Mudatthir. Once this second phase began it would be relentless and only end with the death of the… Read more

  • Millennial Quran Study Content Guide

    Millennial Quran Study Content Guide

    This is the place where I hope to consolidate all the posts I have on the Millennial Quran Study Project (MQSP), which was formally known as the Quran Year Project (QYP), and the tagging of posts with #OccupyQuran. Logistical Posts Logistical Posts are related to the planning and execution of the MQSP endeavor. These would be posts… Read more

  • MQSP: Field Notes #3

    MQSP: Field Notes #3

    Before a mission can be given, there must be preparation for it. The Prophet had spent significant time secluded from society, searching in this solitude for the Divine. When the Divine finally answered his prayers the message came down first as an acknowledgement that human capacity is limited unless it is coupled with knowledge of… Read more