27 Years of Being a “Smooth Criminal”

October 24, 2016 marks 26 year anniversary of the release of Smooth Criminal by Micheal Jackson. I have to admit that my first introduction to Micheal Jackson was at the age of five. Jackson’s music has been a pretty titular presence in my life. So it was with great appreciation that I enjoyed the traditional Japanese flute cover of Smooth Criminal by Yoko Watanabe. It was a marvelous rendition.

It got me wondering what other “traditional instrumental” covers exist out there for Smooth Criminal? I could only think of one other, Ahmed Alshaiba’s “Smooth Criminal (Oud Cover).”

Can you think of any other “traditional instrumental” covers? I was hoping maybe a “tabla” cover might exist, or even a bag pipe version, but alas thats asking too much of the Desi’s (though there is Creep Qawwali) and I am thinking a bagpiper might not be able to pull off the multiple chords in a solo rendition.  However, there was this 2Cellos classical rendition that is worthy of being shared.

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