Samsung NX2000: My What a Big Screen You Have!

One year on with the Samsung NX2000, its been a wonderful adventure! This particular mirrorless digital SLR is a good kit for point and shoot enthusiasts who want something that has power but not necessarily the complicated functionality of comparable market SLR’s.

I see things and I try to capture them, and I try really hard to capture the feelings and all those other sensory associations with the moment. I can’t bend the camera to my “mind’s eye” all the time, but when I do, its such an amazing sense of accomplishment. It is still all about learning photography slowly, at my own pace.

I actually started playing around with a DSLR when a friend let me borrow their Nikon D90, along with three really powerful and versatile lenses. Then I convinced my then-employer to purchase a Canon Rebel SLR for work, which came with two pretty decent lenses. Having played with those two camera’s for a few years, it came time to get one of my own. Rather then jump the gun to get a Nikon, my brother got my hands on the Samsung NX2000 a few months after it was introduced to the market in 2013, the Samsung NX300M is its upgrade, but it has the same structure, so pretty much use this review to get an idea of whether to buy the Samsung or not.


Size and weight- compact, easy to lug around, slim, elegant. It is a pretty awesome looking camera.

The big ass screen— Having an EVF would be such an awesome thing on this camera, it would take up the beast status up a few notches, it would become the most versatile camera on the market, but sadly they opted to give the consumer this large screen!

Price— This camera is significantly cheaper then the comparable Sony NEX-7

(The Mojave desert swallows us up. Its desolation is not nurturing. it requires technology and lots of energy to make life here bearable.)


There were some random positives that stick out about this model. In particular the Wi-Fi. Where as I thought this to be the most useless feature on the camera and cared not for it, I have to admit my guilty pleasure of utilizing this feature way more often then I should be, given how much I hated on this feature, is ridiculous!  There’s even a button to do a direct WiFi connection that enables my guilty pleasure beyond measure!

With this capability you also can take selfies! Basically using your iPhone you connect and take over the camera (limited) operations and view finder-focus on the touchscreen of your iPhone, using the Samsung App you purchase in the store (its for free), and viola you have a awesome remote feature. It takes some time to sync and get it set up, but its worth the finagling.

The Not-So-Awesome Aspect (Why Not…)

This was taken with my iPhone 5 while at Saddleback Butte taking shots of the sunrise.
This was taken with my iPhone 5 while at Saddleback Butte taking shots of the sunrise.

Blinded by the sun– the screen is huge, but its also very difficult to use outdoors. This is the biggest problem for me, since the primary use of the camera is for outdoor shooting. The above picture is taken while watching the sun rise off of Saddleback Butte, using my iPhone I try to show what I was seeing on the screen.

Keep it plugged in– The compounding problems with the Samsung NX2000 battery begins with its most attractive feature, a 3.7 inch digital screen (HUGE), then the fact that it doesn’t have a viewfinder (which would help minimize the battery use from having the large digital screen suck the battery dry like some trashy teen vampire)!  Its Samsung’s misery of its own making.

The Wheel of Misery— This is actually two problems in one; first, the buttons are just placed awkwardly. Where my finger things the click button should go, the wheel takes up the space. It creates for confusion when trying to take pictures. Second, the wheel. Well, first it totally doesn’t make sense to have it when Samsung provides  digital touch screen.  But then again the digital touch screen totally sucks in the sun so the wheel would be useful, however, there is no way to navigate the selection appropriately because of the glare you get from the sun.

If Samsung is reading this, what I want them to take away from my post is that I would prefer to get a smaller screen to get a EVF; I would love it if they replaced the way the buttons are placed; and, finally, the ability to manage settings on the screen in a sharper contrast (white and black) rather full color; all of which would allow the battery to last much more longer then it currently does.

Also here are some pictures I took with the Samsung NX2000:

SAMSUNG NX2000SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCParental Unitsmountain bike

So its a brilliant camera for the picture taking enthusiast who is a bit more then the iPhone selfie sort, but no where near the serious-hobbiest sort. The Samsung NX2000 has a big screen that makes it a standout camera on the market, but its also its downfall. I suggest that the price range is perfect for it being a camera above a point-and-shoot variety but it falls short for the more serious camera enthusiast and you’re probably better off putting the extra $700 bucks to get a Nikon or a Sony.


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