Crisis of Faith: Negotiating Culture

Taken at ICNA Yorba Linda event in 2011
Taken at ICNA Yorba Linda event in 2011

I am really digging this video by Ta’Leef Collective featuring Imam Zaid Shakir from Zaytuna College.  It might be the melodic rhythmic music combined with the slow and deliberate idea development by the Imam that makes the video so inviting.  But I feel the most compelling idea that gets presented is this idea that living in America as a Muslim involves a cultural prism in which Muslims have to negotiate with the broader American social reality. In this setup Muslims accept their inferior negotiating position thereby slowly chipping away from the essence of Islam.  True Faith, according to the Imam, would prevent us from comprising and succumbing to these cultural popularity contests. If your not familiar with Ta’Leef here’s a little snippet about them from their website:

We serve seekers actively interested in Islam and converts to the faith, assisting them in realizing a sustainable conversion to and practice of Islam.  Ta’leef Collective also strives to reengage the growing number of disenfranchised and often marginalized Muslim young adults.

Very well done, lots of love and appreciation to Ta’Leef Collective on this video!


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