A Feather in the Wind

girl with feather

Its been three years since I took this picture.  I haven’t shared it, like the majority of the pictures  I have taken.  I only share it now because it reminded me about that day I took it.  There were lots of potential and excitement about my new adventure.  Looking back makes me wonder if it was worth it.  Now, with hindsight obviously, I felt that I should have listened to the deeper emotions I had that told me to stop, to not go in the direction I wanted. But then it was the complete opposite of those days where I would sit around with friends talking about our future, how we were all working toward making that future happen while listening to great music and enjoying ourselves.  I had, on the day I took this picture, only the best of possibilities in mind, because I was so much closer to achieving the dream, the dream I would share with my friends.

I was reminded of that day, of those dreams and so much more when I saw the picture of this girl.  She is three years older, dreaming her own dreams, untouched (hopefully) by the reality that shapes and bends our dreams.  I call her the “Feather in the wind” because she holds her dreams and the winds can take it where ever it wills.

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