God Honors Those that Honor Humanity

I haven’t been updating all that much.  I just finished my finals for classes, transitioned into more studying for a test before I go back to a new semester. Even though I have been experimenting with some new virtual media (social media, I just don’t think there is anything “social” about “social media” since its all virtual, so I re-name it “virtual media) outlets, one of them being Medium, check it out. However, I wanted to share something about Madiba.  He’s someone that took my childhood fascination and just captured it.  I was not at all capable of fully comprehending, or appreciating, the sacrifices he made and what South Africans lived through all the while struggling for their humanity and dignity. That loss of such a powerful figure of that struggle is still beyond my understanding.  I, however, found this video (albeit a very capitalistic endeavor) to be symbolic of that loss.

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