Never Felt Special

Can you imagine going through your life, 20 years or 35 years, without having your picture taken besides for some government document?  The prospect of taking a picture, getting make up, having your hair done.  Those seem like things we take for granted, at least my perception was that everyone has their picture taken, or everyone takes self-ies, not just the lame ones but the ones where you dress up and look fly.  I take the idea of having the opportunity to take pictures for granted, its a luxury that I assume everyone has.  Yet listening to this TED talk really touched me.  I remember that hadith by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH that even a smile is a form of charity and I feel that if a smile can be charity then everything we do to help others, every small action, and especially that of taking a persons picture for them, is a luxury that another person might not have.

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