I was incredibly moved by this short piece. I don’t know too much about the director and I am not sure if the film speaks beyond Iran. However, I don’t think that it is at all limited to a geographic area. I want to be careful about constructing something into this video that it wasn’t meant to present. When I watched this, I couldn’t help but think about Communism, Fascism and Authoritarianism and how each society has these elements built into it.

Regardless of my own experience with the video, I hope that if I am ever faced with a situation where the answer is clearly 4 when asked what 2+2 equals, I too would stand up like this young boy.

4 thoughts on “2+2=5

  1. I had an eye witness account of such an incident in Ethiopia at the time of Eriteria campaign. Personally I am of the opinion that life is precious and save it for another day. But the so called modern democracies thrive on misinformation and proving 2+2=5 all the time these days, in their subtle ways.


    1. Please elaborate, a child in a classroom was shot because they provided an answer that wasn’t state sanctioned (or authority sanctioned)? Thats quite disturbing if it was anything beyond metaphorical.


      1. This film is metaphorical I think. In Ethiopia they used to pull suspected sympathisers / Campaigners for Eriteria from class room and shoot them right there in the corridor, the teacher expected to continue the class. (A colleague who taught there told me.
        Now authoritarian regimes aside, today’s modern so called developed democracies are all the time proving 2+2=5 (so to say) (remember WMD in Iraq, 9-11, Moon visit …?), Also multinational corporate through intense “marketing” are busy selling things that we hardly need (selling a bus where one needs only a two wheeler, example: smart phones) look around and think you will find a lot, only these days they shoot as well as rip you off.


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