Constitution Day- Whats the most important amendment today?

Did you know there is a Constitution Day here in the United States?  Its observed by the federal government on September 17 every year.  That happens to be the day back in 1787 when our founders ratified the present day Constitution, affixing their “John Hancock’s” onto it and leaving the legacy for us Americans.

Folks might remember it by another name- Citizenship Day- which was changed in 2004 by some legislative finagling done by the late Senator Robert Byrd, who attached the name change to the Congressional Omnibus (spending) bill.  No, still doesn’t ring a bell?

The funny thing is for any child (or adolescent) attending any school receiving public funding, the law requires that the educational institutions offer educational programming on the history of the American Constitution on that day.

Its a powerful thing, our legislative process, because it in the very slightest of ways their vote penetrates into our lives.  Those who wield that power are beholden to the voters.

The current process by President Obama to seek Congressional approval for military strikes against Bashar al Assads forces, and in particular his chemical weapons, is an example of how our Constitution works.  Its an example of what it takes to be a Constitutional Democracy.  Then there is Egypt (here, here and here).

Our Union isn’t perfect, but we’ve been working at it for 200 years and there is something to celebrate there.  So for this years Constitution Day, whats do you think is the most important amendment given the reality of our experiences in the world today?

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