Why I am ashamed of my Amazon Kindle Paperwhite?

So my Kindle (old school Keyboard) went through another (read previous experience here and here) traumatic experience (more on this in a later post).  I was able to purchase a new battery and replace it, however, I desperately needed to get a e-book because I had lots of PDF’s I was reading for a research paper- my brother got a Paperwhite.

Paperwhite is a brilliant concept, the soft lit screen is soothing and the design is super compact.  There is not a lot of bad I can say about the Kindle.  I enjoy the reading experience the accessibility to titles.  The few gripes I have would include a desire to see the price on e-books go down, significantly.  I would only buy more if that were to happen.

Aside from that I had some personal issues, reservations that I generally have toward the touch screen technology and its use in e-readers like Kindle.  I don’t much care for the user interface though, the touch screen, for me anyway, has not responded positively.  When I want to highlight it turns the page, when I try to turn the page it looks up a word and defines it for me.  I would say that having a page flip button on either side of the Kindle is not a bad thing, I personally prefer that to the screen finger swipe that turns the page.

One of the things I am most ashamed about is that I dont like showing off the Paperwhite.  I don’t want people to see the advertisements for other books- mostly romance novels- that pop up in the rest screen.  It’s actually very embarrassing to have books “perfect for young adults” that are a “sultry summer read” which will “add to your longing to read more” about some character or the other.

I would pay the extra dollars to not have this type of advertising.  Since its the first thing people see, the impression they get is not that great.  I could take ownership of it, I would usually, but reading is my escape.  Its the way I tune out the rest of the world and I don’t need it to be a conversation starter where I have to explaine the ads.  And in a world of targeted advertisements, Amazon is the king of this- you visit one random thing and you get a gazillion things advertised in that product realm- it gives the impression that I like romance novels.

I know I am digging myself in a hole here.  I just know that you all are chuckling as you read this.  Thats why the whole affair is so embarrassing.  Amazon I love you, but you can honestly make life sucky with this type of crap.

Overall though, the innovation in this product compared to all others on the market, is the light technology.  Its crisp and amazing, plus it makes the night reading, or reading in poor lighting, far less straining on the eyes.   Overall its a enjoyable experience.

Please consider buying a Amazon Kindle from this link, because it would help fund my reading hobby!

Made a little Vine loop, check it out here

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