Superbowl Commercials- Can’t Win’em All

Screw the Bowl, the COMMERCIALS are where its at.  Or maybe the Bowl experience is enhanced by the commercials.  Well regardless, the really cool thing about the Bowl for me this year was seeing the Audi commercial “Prom” and hearing “Can’t Win ‘Em All”

So why you ask is it all that amazing, well beyond the fact that its for Audi, it features the song “Can’t Win ‘Em All” that is savagely addictive and like a motivating drug or something.  The song is by, you shall never guess it… Hanni El Khatib a Palestinian Filipino American who grew up in San Francisco, rooting for the Niners,  and an avid skateboarder.

Keep kicking ass bro, the song rocks and the Audi commercial for the Superbowl is like getting recognition after the fact.

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