“haven’t started playing cowboys and muslems”- yet.

cowboys and muslems

I just got this shit emailed to me.  I can’t believe this is real, is it one of those Church messages where people can insert “Racist-ass shit here” to appear on the back of a random GMC truck with a license plate?

2 thoughts on ““haven’t started playing cowboys and muslems”- yet.

  1. Don’t let the ignorant get to you. We had someone with a sign like that out here in our part of the country and that sign is GONE now. We wouldn’t stand for it. Real cowboys stand for the good in America…tolerance, decency, and truth. It is everyones duty to stand against ignorance and represent the good that this country is. Just as we should acknowledge decency when we see it. Peace.-a cowboy….


    1. Thanks so much, I agree with you. I know Americans have a much broader and generally amazing attitude and civility, but that doesnt mean I was not shocked at the sentiment found on the bumper sticker!


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