Mangoes: A Tribute to a Tradition of Asian Solidarity

Kristie Yung  pays tribute to one of the pioneers of music in South Asia, the legendary Alamgir by singing a song in Urdu.  She is a young acoustic-soul singer/songwriter that has effortlessly brings together music and lyrics even when its in a language she doesn’t speak.  Alamgir on the other hand, is an amazing musician from the Golden Age of Pakistani pop music.

The two of them team up for a Canadian (youtube only?) drama called “Mangoes: A slice of life” produced and directed by the brothers Kharawardy.  Basically the 6 part, 30 minute episodes, builds on the lives of various “fresh off the boat” South Asians as they navigate the trials of being immigrants in Canada, adjusting to life and making the most of the opportunities they are afforded.

Whats really quirky about the above video,something my mom pointed out to us kids, that Alamgir is the man sitting on the bench while Kristie goes by singing the song.  That is such an awesome tribute to Alamgir, only in the West would you find a Korean female vocalist with such deep acoustic soul roots singing a South Asian, Urdu, song.  Below is a making of video:

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