Hotel Vertigo- A Trendy Historic Place to Stay

I was in San Francisco for the past five days and for a portion I stayed at this hip little hotel called Hotel Vertigo.  For starters I will from now on refer to the San Francisco as “the city” because that what locals call it, as I quickly learned from locals while tweeting.  But back to the hotel because this was the first time in my many visits that I stayed in the City.

Hotel Vertigo right off the bat is a hip modern awesomeness compactly stuffed into an old building.  Age has made this building epic and a fixture in the Nob Hill/Tenderloin district.  There is an immense saturation of character, but the City is just crazy like that because of the variety of architecture, people, and styles- but also the HISTORY!

Which is what made this particular hotel really cool.  If you love Hollywood then you love Hitchcock and therefore you will love this hotel because its the hotel shown in his EPIC movie “Vertigo” (trailer here).  The proprietors have made a niche out of that and market the living daylight out of it.

The orange-tangerine glow and color is everywhere from the moment you walk in.  Its not like its overwhelming or anything, in fact, weirdly it is quite soothing and totally made me want to bring the Halloween color into my future home palate.

The neighborhood around Hotel Vertigo is classic City style.
The Lobby is white, with marble. Then there is the tangerine that mesmerizing and draws you in, its welcoming in a weird way.
Vertigo Mirrors
There were these cool mirrors that just were funky art.
This is the view from our room, but the first thing I saw when I walked into the room were the tangerine curtains.
The staircase can give you a sense of vertigo if you go to fast and look down.
Surrounded by old buildings, Hotel Vertigo is a gem boutique hotel.
Located in the Tenderloin/Nob Hill


Hotel Vertigo’s lobby is pretty cool place to relax and people watch. Though some of the ceramic sculptures they have in the window are freakish, but then so are the night lamps next to the bed in the rooms.


Affad Shaikh
Then there is the tangerine wall sofa’s, which were not as relaxing as I thought they would be.

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