Hofstra Debate: Round 2- DJ Rawmoney$

DJ Rawmoney$ coming to Ibiza 2013

The people at the top of this country have this feeling that the rules dont apply to them.  Romney is exactly the archetype of this reality.  So we got these debate rules- people negotiated how everything was going to play out during this debate and within the first few minutes of this debate Romney threw out the rules because he felt it didn’t apply to him.

What I saw in the debate was a guy who is trying to become President by any means necessary.  If that means being a complete bulldozer, Romney played that roll.  He played the entitled white man who had to be listened to, who answered questions in a “daddy knows best” attitude.  Romney chose to bully around the President, throw him zingers and direct questions to him in that same attitude.  Romney was the little obnoxious child in the grocery store that cry’s for attention but you know that the parents have created that personality so you feel nothing for the parents.

Romney was a conniving political opportunist, which he doesn’t try to hide, which makes him even more contemptible.

Again and again Romney trolled his responses to from “binder full of women” to “self deportation” and a path to citizenship through military service (which already exists), in order to appeal to that segment of the voting population.  The thing is, Romney has no track record that speaks to these issues without undermining or contradicting some sort of other GOP stance or statement he’s made.

Government should not regulate because there is a free market, yet Romney asserts that government- Obama in particular- is responsible for gas prices and keeping them down.  Government shouldn’t dictate contraception, yet Romney was more then happy to encourage marriage and two parent households while responding to gun violence.  Romney pushes for inclusive cabinet with women, yet he did so with affirmative action (giving recognition that affirmative action is absolutely necessary for promoting equality and access) which is anathema to the GOP.  Romney wants to cut taxes and pay the deficit down but yet he wants to keep the programs and benefits such as pell grants all of which are programs Ryan, his VP running mate, wants to cut.

Which is something that bolsters what a friend on facebook shared about Abraham Lincoln: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak out and remove all doubt.  Indeed, Honest Abe said it best, only if Romney actually read his advice and took it tonight.

The greatest hoodwinking that is taking place in the current election is Romney running for President by cutting corners and cheating on the very rules his people negotiated and set up.  The question is how can you trust a person who is willing to do that to not lie, or worse, say things that are meant to please the electorate but not truly believe them himself.

Romney should have stopped while he was ahead at Bain and instead of focus on running for President, he should have taken up the DJ’ing profession.  He’s clearly a master remix artist.  Romeny has no qualms about remixing the rules he agreed to, nor does he have qualms about remixing his statements to please his audience.  I don’t think its to late Mr. Romney, there is still time after November for you to take up DJ’ing.  I think DJ RawMoney$ is still available for you to masquerade under.

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