“Lesbian Bully Ranch” and other weird search terms

Running a blog is an endeavor in the bizarre and sometimes outright freaky.  While the intertubes is filled with anonymity behind which people can often hide their true nature site administrators are privy to the types of people attracted to their sites.  Thats where this post comes in, while I haven’t really built a following in the S&M LGBT scene I have gotten some freaky and bizarre searches.

The “Lesbian Bully Ranch” being the most recent expression of freaky, kinky and bizarre.  First I could understand “Lesbian Ranch” but “Bully”?  How does that even work?

Anyway, since I been running the new This American Muslim (here’s the old site), the normal searches were for “charlie and the chocolate factory fat kid” and “lowes hates muslims” followed by “affad shaikh“, “disney jessie is racist” and “modern/atomic ranch homes“.

Some of the wierder, but understandable searches are “feeling stupid“, “boys from behind”  and “im a human samosa”.  If you have kids you should be aware of the popular search terms kids on the internet are querying (here at ReadWriteWeb) and to get a broader idea of what people search for on the search sites read this piece about popular search terms.

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