Ramadan Day 6- Worship, the gateway toward mercy

So far Day 1 was all about defining Ramadan based on the division of the month into 3 sets of 10 days.  The first set being all about “Rahma” or “mercy” which was explored in Day 2 post.  Day 3 I outlined that mercy starts with recognizing that we as individuals need to be cognizant that we ourselves need to have mercy towards ourselves.  From this grows the ability to recognize what mercy encompasses and in Day 4 post I suggest that experiencing someone being compassionate and merciful toward you creates the internal feelings and thought associated with that behavior.  Day 5 was all about showing mercy towards others as established in the sunnah of Islam by the Prophet SAW.  Today I want to explore how becoming merciful and compassionate stems from our worship.

One of the ways that I believe we can truly understand the concept of mercy- toward ourselves, others towards us and being able to show it to others beyond just humans to all of creation- is too turn to Allah.

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