MYLP: Senioritis- You are a Senior in High School, What to do?

Students on the California Senate floor during CAIR’s MYLP program, preparing to debate and vote on their bills. Summer 2010

If you are a senior in high school then it might be to late for me to help you.  You either will apply the stuff above or will work on the stuff below to catch up.  Or you will stumble along in life like everyone else.  The thing is if you are going to college then  you either are BRILLIANT or ATHLETICALLY GIFTED or TALENTED in a way that sets you apart from everyone else.  If you aren’t that than you are the average college student.  Average is as average does.  As you make a decision as to what your doing with college, go back and read my post for Juniors.

If you haven’t thought about going to college, haven’t applied, haven’t heard back from or rejected by colleges then don’t worry your life isn’t over.  Either you recognize the situation, in which case your already ahead of the curve and can take actions to change your life around and make something of it.  The truth is most folks in your class don’t really know what to do, so they can’t make informed decisions and information is the hardest part, but the most important aspect in making life choices is to have the knowledge to make informed decisions.  Also, just because your grades were bad in high school does not prevent you from going to college and doing well, nor does it prevent you from going to a Top Rated university.  Don’t limit yourself because of what you perceive as insurmountable circumstances.

When you go back to read my post for Juniors in High School, make sure you pay special attention to the Community College part.  Understand the reality of the education system and the economy we are now in.  What you need to prioritize in your life at this very moment is to figure out what drives you, what motivates you, what holds you back- the fears, the anxiety, the long held doubts.  You need to confront yourself and prepare yourself to be a new person.

You need God in your life not drama.  You need solitude not social networks.  You need reflection not affection.  You need to prioritize not to solely find excitement in your life.  You must learn to master yourself if you want to make something out of yourself and every time you think you mastered yourself, thats the time to think long and hard because the devil is laughing at your arrogance, so turn to God my friend.  You will make mistakes- lots of them, you’re young, restless and think you know the world.  The worst part of this might be that you actually think the world owes you something, sorry that is a massive misperception, the world owes you nothing, but you owe the world respect.

If you want to thrive, you must focus on becoming a better person.  There are many routes to that better person, I am telling you that the best route for you- indeed the only route- should be one of God consciousness.

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