Day 7- 70 Day Challenge- Goals and Reality

70 day challenge

Checking in for Day 7 on my 70 Day Challenge– hold me accountable at youtube, pinterest, and twitter. I done good and went for a run at the gym, did a crap load of sit ups and push ups, the best was the fact that I ran my mile under 11 minutes.  Tomorrow I am thinking about going for a run on a local trail that is about 10 miles long.  I haven’t run something like that since cross country days, should be interesting.

They can because they think they can~ Virgil

I can totally see myself doing this, I already am seeing the results and I believe that this will be a good all around.  So get off your butt and start changing your life!

If you continue to reflect on the past and fantasize about what can happen, but you do absolutely nothing to achieve your goal, then you aren’t truly thinking that you can ever be that healthy person.

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