Day 4- 70 Day Challenge- Inspired By

Checking in for Day 4 on my 70 Day Challenge– hold me accountable at youtube, pinterest, and twitter. Today I am feeling a bit meek- its raining and I feel I slept way to much.  I want to go work out but at the same time I sort of feel like just being lazy.  It doesn’t help that I am listening to J*DaVeY’s Evil Christian Cop.  Its this really chill kick back sensual heart beat inducer after inducer.  

Today I guess I can reflect on how I got here.  I would say that after being told by my Physician that I was overweight I laughed it off and continued to not care until the the next physical I had a year later where I was told that I now qualified for being “OBESE” medically speaking.  (I was puckering my lips with Class I obesity I guess? Or my Physician was trying to scare the shit out of me and telling me I needed to get my act together either way here I am not wanting to be like that!)

Its ironic, you know, that during the course of human history, society perceived being FAT, or obese, to be a sign of wealth and great worldly achievement.  Back then only the rich got to that “obese” status and now, look at our society, everyone is fronting by getting morbidly fat to the point that they dont fit into their jeans, or maybe its the fashion to wear two sizes smaller then what supposed to fit you- but regardless, the new “RICH” is to look superbly slim.  I am sure CoCo would be very much welcomed in King Henry VIII’s time, but he might need to put on a mini skirt to go with the jeans.

But I am not trying to get myself into a pair of skinny jeans, but rather trying to prevent myself from suffering all the horrible things that come with being fat- the increased stress due to increased levels of cortisol,  or the snoring and sleep deprivation from being to round in the belly, and obviously from the possible inability of being able to run around like a teenager.  What started this path to health conscious, well I would say this is a partial list in chronological order:

  1. Men’s Health– what I would consider to be the primer Mens magazine on the planet.  It gives the introduction to men’s health issues, and better, if you dont know anything about anything- from how to tie a tie to what sort of clothes  you wear to an interview and what to wear on a weekend getaway with your in-laws- this is the source of all manhood answers.  Better yet is the fact that after a year or two of flipping through the magazine you will find that the articles are repetitive in nature and incrementally build on the base information that you find from one month to the next.  So in a way after a year of reading through it you probably dont need it all that much.  However, I would add that its great to go through there and just get an idea of whats in fashion for men and also new things to try out.  It might inspire you inner Leonidas and have you yelling  “THIS IS MY BODY!”  I guess the continuous infatuation with “The Abs you want by summer” or “the rock  hard arms” it might just motivate you toward the goals of achieving such great heights.
  2. The Abs Diet– which I mentioned in my last post– is a GREAT BOOK.  I started last year by just implementing the food habits suggested by DAVID ZINCZENKO are pretty straight forward and in my eyes totally reasonable.  I lost the initial weight just by doing the bare minimum, which was changing my eating habits to be in line with the Abs Diet.  Now its time to take it to the next level.
  3. P90X– God this shit is hard.  But the guy is freaking 50 years old and  he looks like he’s 30.  I like the workout, granted I am not at all doing it regularly like I should but its a goal I have to be able to eventually get to the point in my life where I can keep up with this grandpa.
  4. The Heart of a Champion- or the 70 Day Challenge– or just the guy Chris Kreuger- when I ran across his video on youtube I was totally taken aback that the guy went from being a blob to being cut in 70 days.  I know how much of a difference eating healthy made in my life, but in 70 days if I could get rid of the last 25 pounds of fat and get lean, how GREAT WOULD THAT FEEL?!  While I didn’t buy any of the products THE HEART OF A CHAMPION is offering, the video got me motivated to do my own 70 Day Challenge.  In that way Chris is an influence in my efforts.
  5. My brother- he calls me fat, and then he signs up for boxing classes.  I will beat the crap out of him and look good while doing it.  Nothing like sibling competition.

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