Day 3- 70 Day Challenge- You Are What You Eat

Checking in for Day 3 on my 70 Day Challenge– hold me accountable at youtube, pinterest, and twitterI am really tired and didn’t get to go work out last night due to circumstances of my own making- procrastination+lawschool=epic-let-down.

Well the video isn’t embedding, which sucks, but go watch this ABC News special segment.

A lifestyle change is not easy, but thats what you want- to change your lifestyle.  Dieting does not work, in my experience if you tell me know, most likely I will find a way to say yes.  Lets not kid ourselves with the dieting fantasy.  The fallacy is not feasible because our bodies don’t work that way, keeping us from eating.  Americans don’t like being told what to put in our bodies– unless its like marijuana or some other controlled substance.  The thing is, whats required of you is not to stop yourself from eating, but rather, understanding how your body works, what your habits are and gradually bringing yourself in line with a lifestyle that is

healthy for you, but is not denying you the pleasures of food and life.  Moderation, balance and healthy decision making are part of a lifestyle whereas refrain, passing over and daniel are all part of the dieting experience.

But if you really want to make a change in your life, one of the significant things you can do starting right now, is dump the soda.  The maxim “you are what you eat” is incredibly true.  A year ago I came up with a simple list of things I would do for the first three months of my lifestyle shift, they were:

  1. Stop eating fast food.
  2. Stop drinking soda.
  3. Eat 2-3 hours before I called it a day and went to sleep.

For the first month I only focused on these three things and I had dramatic results where I lost a good 10 pounds by just sticking to the short list.  If you work yourself in increments, set feasible goals and focus on doing exceptionally well on those things, its not hard to build yourself toward loftier goals.  Its totally possible, you have the will power and discipline built into you.  You can totally do it, I know you can, so just stop “thinking about doing it” and start doing it.

Finally if you haven’t read this, read it!  The article gives you a really good picture on how the body responds to soda.  There is such a thing as being a “soda addict.

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