70 Day Challenge

I was looking up the Masi Girl Talk spiel to share with my mom, instead I noticed that there was a recommended video that stood out way more then Mrs. Masi- Chris Krueger, yeah sounds like the son of Freddie Krueger (but he’s not).  I am sure he got that a lot growing up.  Whatever, that’s not the point.  Honestly it was that video that really inspired this post.

The 70 day challenge works perfectly for me especially right now because in 70 days is the perfect amount of time to do this.  Having just turned 29, I feel like my 20’s were spent getting out of shape and fat.  A healthy, athletic, lean and strong body along with a plan for eating and living, I mean the overall revamp doesn’t get better than that!

I spent the past year loosing 30 pounds by just changing my diet.  But the thing is, six years spent working full time, stressed and totally not concerned about what I ate or when I ate, I had gotten classified as clinically obese.  I am 5ft. 8in.’s and on January 1, 2010 I weighed 198.2 lbs.  My doctor had basically told me that I went from being on the “verge” of obesity to classification as “obese” given my age and my body type, along with the genetic make up of my family.  My family has a history of high cholesterol, diabetes, heart problems, kidney failures and all the other weight related problems.  I am prone to that lifestyle and worse I had created a lifestyle for myself that accelerated my health problems.  Something had to change, so I changed my diet, which was the first step toward a healthier lifestyle.  Now its time to get to my ideal weight- 157 lbs and a body fat index of 12%.  That is what this 70 day challenge is all about.

Moving forward here is just an outline of the parameters I am working in.

  1. Nutrition
  2. Give myself one break to look forward to during the week where I eat what I want;
  3. Stick to a plan of food that works for me and fit the meals into my lifestyle;
  4. Physical activity for at least 1  hour each day- we are not designed to be drones that sit for 24 hours 7 days a week and do minimum amount of labor such as take out the trash or walk to the car and walk around with a shopping cart at the grocery store.  Everyday you have to do something physical that is sweat inducing (drenching your shirt with sweat), that is physically challenging and that allows you to put yourself into a zone whether its endurance or strength or agility or speed, whatever.
  5. Accountability.

Tomorrow will be day one, look forward to checking in, and you all can hold me accountable!

Also, on the social media front check me out on twitter at SOCALMOSLEM and if you are on the new hype Klout as well as Pinterest (affadavit).

Check out the progress:

Day 1Day 2Day 3 Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8Day 9Day 10

Day 11Day 12 – Day 13 – Day 14 – Day 15 – Day 16 – Day 17 — Day 18 — Day 19 –Day 20

Day 21 – Day 22 – Day 23 – Day 24 – Day 25 – Day 26 – Day 27 – Day 28 – Day 29 – Day 30

Day 31 – Day 32 – Day 33 – Day 34 – Day 35 – Day 36 – Day 37 – Day 38 – Day 39 – Day 40

Day 41 – Day 42 – Day 43 – Day 44 – Day 45 – Day 46 – Day 47 – Day 48 – Day 49 – Day 50

Day 51 – Day 52 – Day 53 – Day 54 – Day 55 – Day 56 – Day 57 – Day 58 – Day 59 – Day 60

Day 61 – Day 62 – Day 63 – Day 64 – Day 65 – Day 66 – Day 67 – Day 68 – Day 69 – Day 70

14 thoughts on “70 Day Challenge

  1. I just stumbled onto your website and dude, wow. I just want to encourage you. Our details are almost identical. I had maintained a pretty healthily weight in my twenties, but at the end of ’09 I got married and started a new business. And packed on 30lbs. I hit 198lbs back in Jan 2010. I did try to clean things up and pushed really hard for a few months and I lost 15lbs but I regained some and have been stuck between 178-185 ever since.

    I’m also 5’8 and I’ll be turning 30 in July so I’m doubly thinking I have got to get my weight and fitness in line before it gets more difficult as I get older. I just started cleaning my diet back up at the beginning of this month, and the other extremity I took was selling my car and buying a bike.

    Right now I’m at 178 with 23.6% body fat and hoping to drop that down to 155lbs and 12% body fat. I started doing strength training 3 days a week and cardio 5 days a week. Oddly my weight has been flat over the last week and a half but my body fat and waist size have dropped as I tone out.

    Anyways, hope you will achieve those goals.


    1. Hey Mike, thanks for the encouragement! Yeh, it sounds like we have a set of circumstances that are quite similar! I know how you feel about the weight, i am currently experiencing that as well. I dropped body fat and i waist size but my weight seemed to be stuck at around 175lbs. On Day 10 I actually finally saw a drop of 3 pounds when i checked in for my metrics.

      I am learning so much about myself, my character and also about society. I see myself changing the way I think and act but I notice that there is a lot of influence and shifting of blame when it comes to being healthy. Its a journey and I appreciate your support! Good luck with your goals and please drop me updates on your goals too! (any advice that you found helpful would be helpful!)



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