Chronicles of an Esquire- Just Cram

God. Its been a very very very long time. My apologies, I just had this realization that I was not comfortable with my law school studying. It got to a point where I loved the fact that I was in law school but I wasn’t sure what exactly I was learning and that my finals were coming up and I didn’t really know what precisely I was being tested on.

Do you feel like that currently as you get ready to take your finals, for many folks its like tomorrow. My first final is in 9 hours and all I know is that I have 9 hours to really get down what I need for the final. I got no time for study breaks, but I wanted to wish everyone of my 1L friends and readers good luck and motivate you all to just CRAM!

I promise I will be back with a vengeance next semester because I have figured out where I went wrong this semester. I plan on jumping out of a plane some 12,000 feet above San Diego to immortalize the feeling I have right now about the lessons I learned this past semester, so not to worry will be posting much more regularly when I get out of finals mode and into the new semester. Until then, enjoy NYU Law students wonderful music video- Just Cram!

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