C.A. Esquire- Being a Lawyer Better be awesome

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Hell ya, A friday night and a Saturday that I could have spent out doors enjoy an amazing summer-ish day or out with #occupyLA or #occupyOC folks supporting #occupywallstreet.   But no here I am studying law trying to make a responsible choice for my future by taking on loans and working my butt off hoping against all hopes that when I finish and pass the bar there will be job opportunities for me out there.  I don’t want to end up without a job, a heavy loan burden and become a statistic the government nor the private sector can cope with because they were in cahoots with each other getting bailed out while I made responsible choices like worked for near six years, paid off my chunks of my undergraduate loans, contributed taxes from my income, lived lawfully and promoted our Constitutional rights, pursued higher education as a means of climbing up the career ladder so I could make some more money and not live month to month-ish, get to a place where I can marry, buy a house start having kids and continue to be a productive educated and civically engaged citizen of this country- the banks and corporation (who act less and less like American citizens and more and more like freeloaders) got bail outs and tax breaks and deregulation so they can continue to royally screw America and leave me without an opportunity to work.  I am all about business, I support people getting rich- heck I want to make money and be rich- but you know being a citizen is a not just about having freedoms, its about responsibility; I am asking that corporate citizens be held responsible, they pay their fare share and that they continue to honor our long tried and true agreement of mutual benefit.  I don’t want to tear down no system, I want to make sure the system doesn’t implode on itself because, now, America looks alot like Ken Burns Prohibition documentary (part III).  So yeh, being a lawyer better be awesome because I am really excited to live in a  country and a time where I have this opportunity, truly blessed.  (pheeew, that was one big arse run-on sentence!)

Brought to you by my friends at “Not that Guy” via a small study break.

One thought on “C.A. Esquire- Being a Lawyer Better be awesome

  1. I really wish the show featured marshall’s law school days at Columbia more. I think you pretty much nailed my sentiments, albeit I’m not in law school yet. I hope all this hard works pays off financially but is also rewarding on its own. Fingers crossed!!


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