C.A. Esquire- Law School the Musical

Who says my generation doesn’t have any musical sensibilities, here’s a song that sums up my life and I’m just 2 months into it.  What I really admire, and totally jealous about, is that folks have time to put this together.  Doing blog posts seem near impossible most times and here they are putting this song/animation together.  A personal jurisdiction nod of approval to my buddies at “not THAT GUY” for really keeping some humor in my life by sharing things like this, planning out life breathing activities and totally just keeping sanity together.  A drink of your choice each time your professor says “So What!?” and just remember, you got swagger when you put on that smile and stare blankly into your book hoping you don’t get caught look up.  Enjoy the video, I am humming away and won’t be out an about for the next week, got this silly thing called m.i.d.t.e.r.m.s.

<object style="height: 390px; width: 640px”>

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