C.A. Esquire: That moment in class when…

…I fell asleep.  

My classmate had to poke me twice, another colleague slammed her book right next to my book, but not in a way that interrupted the class, but definitely woke me up.  The sad thing about this experience was that just the other week I was sitting in class watching a couple other kids falling asleep in class.  So it was only a matter of time until I experienced it for myself.  This is me in Civil Procedure the other day:

 Need both the notice of x and have ‘why”{  must notice against rule 4 is a situational notice and the rles provide you with the rues les to figure out where you were

Siverice fo f process, it means handlng te process; service of procressis isined s a sholds]\notionside procsss of

What the heck is that nonsense?!  Whose scribbling that code down?  It’s worse then the Indus script, there is no Rosetta stone that can decipher that special cryptographic set of notes.  I swear that in a two hour class that is the extent of my notes for the lecture.  SFOL (So freaking out of luck) am I!

I don’t know what led up to this debacle.  All I know is that I was like this all day.  I just could not keep myself awake in class. That is a bad thing, because classes, while they are mandatory (they keep roll), its the content that actually is of a critical nature.  Besides getting enough sleep prior to class; well, sometimes even if you get enough sleep you might just experience lead eyes during lecture at no fault of your own (Civ Pro).  The thing is as a student the whole idea of pulling all nighters is so intrinsic to the academic experience, yet its also probably the worst thing students can do to themselves.  Literally its like going streaking and getting locked out while its snowing outside and prior to that you were babysitting a sick, bed ridden younger sibling- chances are you compromised your immune system.  But worse is that sleep deprivation can also ruin moods and decrease focus.  There are so much more when it comes to sleeping but I don’t want to focus on that right now but rather, what these are some strategies I came up with, but what do you do to keep from falling asleep in class?

  1. Get it on with Joe, and bring his friends the energy drinks;
  2. Bring snacks….lots of non-noise making munchables.  Personally I like almonds and beef jerky.
  3. Be friends with your neighbor and pass notes, discretely.
  4.  One of my friends plays solitaire in-between lulls in the lecture;
  5. Your phone can create an interesting edge as you text, check scores, read the news play games;
  6. Chew gum, though I think one of my professors specifically said they didn’t want us chewing gum (or maybe I was thinking about high school, because law school feels like high school)
  7. I tried to keep awake by continuous stretching and shaking my legs and pinching myself (bit of a masochists)
Here’s is a little poem about sleeping in class, read the piece here:
I slept through class, and probably
I would have slept some more,
except [the] students woke me
as they headed out the door.

3 thoughts on “C.A. Esquire: That moment in class when…

  1. Cold water. Bring a bottle of cold water. The water will give you energy and when you start to “relax” into that fateless slumber your body will need to use the restroom. Either that or follow all of our footsteps with copious amounts of coffee. And believe me, I’m still weaning off of it.


    1. LOL, thanks ar0817a for the wonderful cold water-restroom dichotomy, you hasten your sleepiness by attacking it two folds! EXCELLENT!

      Here were some idea’s left in comments on my Facebook page, here are a selected few:

      “Make it a point to sleep by midnight. Stand up and go outside. Carry around sugar packets. 1 min mental break on fB or with the ny times. Repeat everything the professor says in your mind. Go to the bathroom. Pinch yourself (this one doesn’t really help). Use the iPhone to record the lecture while you sleep. Text someone… Idk I’ve struggled with this for some time!”

      “no sugar packets that’s a terrible idea. Usually I just end up teaching myself everything from the book on account of me zoning out in class”

      The last two thoughts i had on this were somethings i experienced today in class, first someone in class busted out with those traveling “hot sauce” bottles, i thought that was ingenious! Second, I also was sucking on altoids in class today, and thought that sour lip smacking candy might be a good thing for pushing back the heavy eyelid syndrome!


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