Day 16- Gaining Weight?

If you are fasting you should be losing some of that weight.  You might even be getting excited like me about losing it.  Sadly though, I realized that its all water weight and what I call “a-blotation” the fact that you are not eating as regularly your body isn’t producing all those gases in your body from the chemical reactions that take place in your stomach due to digestion.

Yes, its quite sad isn’t it?  You realize you are doing well, getting on with weight loss and it turns out its just not the case.  Maybe you aren’t as focused on losing weight during Ramadan.  But I would challenge you to reconsider your health and approach it differently.

Right now the saying goes that there are 1 billion people going hungry in the world and that there are 1 billion people overweight and obese.  That is crazy to think about because imagine that those who are overweight are living in the West largely.  There is nothing wrong with living here and enjoying the wonderful things we got, except that we are killing ourselves in our life of plenty.

Be a healthy Ramadan-er this year and try out this Ramadan Nutrition Guide.


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