Affad Shaikh

Sweet Peas and molasses, you mean I gotta tell you about myself here?  Where does I begin?

A coconut. A koala. The wave of an ocean dark blue reflecting the full moon. Surf…Surfing.  Shiny, silver and sleek things. White. Vibrant, deep, brooding. Spiritual. Spring and Summer. Fast, soulful, counter culture. Hot, fire, red. Make a statement, be politically engaged, learning to carry out my responsibility without complaining, never becoming habitual, and where possible conservative and subdued. Faith. Food. Art. History. Confused, and not afraid to admit I just don’t know. Still moments. Urban homesteading.  Green living.  Organic.  Social media.  Books.  Leadership and good governance.  Bug-Out-Bags.  Doomsday prepping.  Friends that are family and family that is everything. Religion. The things that make me go “oooh, aaaaah. Give me more.” Being comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable.

This American Muslim

What do all these things have in common- ME!  Affad Shaikh, that’s me, and all those things have me in common.

When I’m not running from Zombies or surfing in the Pacific Ocean, I’m just another nerd sitting on my Mackbook listening to Affad in some random graffiti spot in San Antonio, TXmusic and participating in the progressive revolution through technology and my personal connection with God.


I just started sharing the photo’s I’ve been taking over the years. I shared my love for Nina Paley, part of which lies in her championship for Copy Left and Creative Commons. That applies here, but I need to figure out the mechanics.


Samsung NX2000; Lens OIS 50-200mm; OIS 20-50mm

Sony DSLR (Work)

Nikon DSLR

-The Past-

Manzanita Elementary School (Palmdale, CA), Mesa Middle School (Palmdale, CA), Ferrucci Middle School (Puyallup, WA), Rogers High School (Puyallup, WA); Palmdale High School Alumni (2001); University of California, San Diego BA in International Studies: Political Science (2006)- Muir CollegeSummer Bridge (Summer 2001), UCSD OASIS, San Diego World Trade Center, Cross Cultural Center, Muslim Student Association, Student’s First, CAIR San Diego. InFocus News staff writer. Council on American-Islamic Relations: Greater Los Angeles Area (2006-2011).  Richard Riordan Volunteer Leadership Development Program, Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce (Class 34); Netroots NationAmerica’s Voice (2009), Democracy For America (2010).  New Leaders CouncilOrange County; Juris Doctorate, Whittier Law School (2011–2012); Illume Magazine (first article, article dos); South Asians for Obama– Los Angeles; NewGround Fellowship (2012-2013); The Religious Left Blog; Altmuslimah blog (here); California Assembly Delegate, District 36, Democratic Party- Progressive Caucus, Arab American Caucus & Asian American Caucus;  Speaker, Netroots Nation 2013; A.S. Business Management, Antelope Valley College (2013—); Editor, NewGround Reflections Blog (2013); PCCC P100 Finance Training Alumni, Los Angeles.

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Creative Commons LicenseAll my Photography is under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.