Friday Roundup: Week 6

A case for Education reform
A little piggy at the University of Alabama helped make a point for President Obama’s education reform campaign. Unfortunately for her it might be to late for her to benefit from it, however, I am certain she probably wouldn’t even be able to find “Kenia” on a world map. Fox News is also missing “there” cartographer and spell checker. I am happy she didnt spell “somewhere” “sum-where” and “village” “vilage”- education hasn’t completely failed her.  I know its not my picture, but like the Comedy Centrals Daily Show- this right here is a moment of social-political zen-  some town in Alabama doesn’t want its idiot back and I am sure the University of Alabama is hoping this particular idiot fails out.

Friday Khutbah Review

Todays Khutbah was pretty amazing.  It was simple and straight forward.  The focus was on these new breeds of folks who just say Muslims should follow the Quran and only the Quran.

I am not new to this type of argument and in fact I have met folks that believe in this ideology.  The Khateeb broke it down and smashed the perspective for being built on spiritual laziness.  Basically there are so many things in the Sunnah through hadith that are not found in the Quran, tossing the hadith would result in our inability to know how to appropriately pray, fast, get married and many other aspects of daily life as a Muslim.

Round the Blogosphere

Not to many updates, largely because I been in San Francisco and havent done all my blogposts.  However, if you aren’t following me on Twitter you should, you get instantaneous entertainment when I go offline like this past trip @socalmoslem.

  • For updates on my San Francisco trip- if anyone is interested in reading the review- Hotel Vertigo.  For the full Muir Woods Experience read here.

Other Exciting Things

The election is next Tuesday.  I am really happy to be getting this over with.  I am tired of all of it.  Go vote.  People are dying around the world.  Here in this country women have fought to get the right to vote.  Blacks fought and died for that right.  Countless minorities struggle to get the right to vote.  Beyond the Presidential politics there are many many many other things that are on the ballot that require you vote.  Its a civic duty, an amana, and I warn you not to take it lightly.

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