Friday Roundup- Week 4

Suhaib Salem / Reuters — Moamen Qreiqea, 25, lost both his legs in an Israeli air strike in 2008 while taking pictures east of Gaza. The father of two is determined to continue his career as a photographer despite his disability. Moamen takes pictures of his daughter outside his home in Gaza City, Oct. 1.

Firday Khutbah

Great Khutbah, but note to self, give a Hajj khutbah six months prior to Hajj, that way folks will feel compelled that its time to start planning for Hajj this year, sometimes people loose track of the important things, getting caught up in the world when they made an intention to go to Hajj.

On the Blog

I published a letter to President Obama that I had originally written in August 2011. The post states that I have a hard time voting for him, even after a year having passed since I wrote that letter, because the feelings expressed in that letter are still very much playing themselves out in my heart.  There is a great conflict and I should write more about that since I am heading over to Las Vegas to help the Obama for America (OFA) campaign.  Monday is the last day to register to vote- YOU CAN DO THIS ONLINE!!!- so go here.

Aside from that, probably more significant, is that its Dhul Hijjah- the month of Hajj which offers a chance to charge up those Ramadan batteries.

Other Interesting Things

This is a great video encouraging you to vote.  Check it out!

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