Friday Roundup- Week 3

This weeks picture comes from a Facebook friend- In Gujarat India, solar panels are laid on the vast stretches of agricultural channels to generate 1 MW of electricity per KM & prevent evaporation of 1 crore liters of water every year.
Note:A crore is a unit in the South Asian numbering system equal to 10 million.

Friday Khutbah

When a khutbah hits the spot my spirituality and Jummah experience is uplifted.  Today was all about Muslims code of conduct and ethics and how we have to be examples to those around us.  How the Prophet SAW represented that in his conduct with all aspects of community and personal life.

Around the Blogosphere

This week I posted up the 6 exit strategies that you shouldn’t use to end your communication with a prospective spouse.  Seems like people have all sorts of ways they like, or find it easy, to do that, but there should be definite lines drawn in the sand on these six ways.  Also I got some stuff up on the weird search terms that people type in to stumble onto my blog, like “Lesbian Bully Ranch“- WTF?!  Also I had my little engineering endeavor as I tried to “fix” the broken screen on my beloved Amazon Kindle.  I also wrote a piece on how folks can become better networkers and use those mixers and cocktail hours better.  Besides that I wrote a movie review of “Argo”, Ben Affleck’s political thriller that is set in post-Revolutionary Iran, you’d think its a propaganda piece, but its not.

Other Things of Interest

If you don’t know, you now know that I LOVE Nina Paley (of Sita Sings the Blues fame).  She came out with this new piece called “This Land is Mine” which is spot on given our current nuclear programs stand off with Iran.

Also, my brother handed me this book (physical) to read, “Start with the Why” by Simon Sinek (website).  He had actually shared his TEDx talk with me earlier (see below), so I was familiar with the content of the book and where he author was coming from. But for anyone who is interested in leadership, team work and what it takes to be a great leader, I recommend you check the TEDx talk out and then grab the book.

Another video worth your mbps is Gangnam style parody by Mitt Romney Style– hilariously true in so many ways.  On a political note, last week I read the WSJ book review “Brother Tariq’s Last Stand” and then had a friend forward me The New Republic review “Tariq Ramadan’s Arab Winter“- both discussed Tariq Ramadan’s new book “Islam and the Arab Awakening“.  Both are antithetically opposed to the idea that Islam could take political shape.  I’d like to think that this is a exclusive secular perspective that stands against all forms of faith based politics, but its not.  Maybe I will post something more in particular about the criticism within the reviews- and there are some legitimate points.  But for now check it out.

Finally, to Barack the vote or not?  Over at Illume Magazine, Irfan Rydhan writes why he will be voting for Obama, again.  Whereas if you read The Atlantic, you will find Robert Wright lay out why he wont vote for Obama.  Regardless of what you feel, I encourage you to vote.  Do not sit out, to that end watch this video about making your video count.  If you really want to hear the pro’s and con’s of voting for Obama, Islamic Center of Irvine has a live debate taking place Friday, October 19, 2012.  I dont think its being podcasted or broadcasted live, but American Muslim activists will be on either side of the debate panel explaining their positions.  I do have my own thought about voting for Obama, which I will post up next week.


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