Friday Roundup- Week 2

vote, it matters.
This is the picture of the week, I took it while at the South Asians for Obama, Los Angeles chapter joint event with the Asian Pacific Islanders for Obama debate viewing party. Obama sucked, Romney was a dick, Lehrer was asleep and poor Big Bird got a pink slip.

Friday Khutbah

Imagine if a voice that you absolutely have no desire to not listen to, and will do what it told you to do, said that you take your new born baby and wife to downtown Los Angeles and leave them in Skid Row to fend for themselves.  You must leave them there and there is no guarantee you will ever see them again, further, you go off to continue living your life.  Well today’s Khutbah was about Ibrahim AS leaving his second wife in the middle of the desert with their new born son Ismail.  I think if there is one khutbah that always gets me teary eyed its the one that talks about Hajj.  Part of this feeling is that there always is an emptiness I feel around the time of Hajj.  InshaAllah one of these years I will be able to fulfill my fifth obligation to God.

On the Blogs

This week I wrote something pretty much outside of my comfortably level.  Reflecting on the article I realize the irony of Pakistani men expressing “brotherly love” by holding hands, yet are continuously, and notoriously, called out in popular media, plays and literature as being completely incompetent at communicating their emotions.  Maybe it has to do with gender norms, but I do find it incredibly interesting, there is a pretty decent conversation going on the post- “No. Thats not a Gay Festival.  Its just Muslim guys hanging out.

Besides that I talk about Mitt Romney wanting to do a drive by on Big Bird, I discuss why immigrant kids shouldn’t take the advice that White parents are giving out on how parents should relate to their adult kids.

Finally, I put a post out on Student Loans and the history of how “post-secondary education” became a big deal in the US.  I was rightly schooled on two points- first its not “secondary education” but rather “post-secondary”.  The other point was that there is a need to develop my point a bit further in explaining how exactly the tax deductions work to create the incentive along with how that played out during the 1960’s and 1970’s when massive educational reforms implemented created the environment we are in.  Also, something that I realized I didnt do a good job at in the first post was explain “student loan crisis”- what the heck is it?

Other Things of Interest

My Amazon Kindle is still dead, so not really reading all that much in terms of books, but definitely lots of reading in the Economist and Wall Street Journal.  Besides that I am working on a couple of pieces involving Minority voting and Campaigns using social media as well as the immigrant vote in this Novembers election.  I am going to a special screening of Argo, will post up a review for it.  I also am going to be trying out a new fitness trend involving RPG’s (Role Playing Games) propelled by your fitness activities, its with a app called, if anyone has used it please share your thoughts.  Also next week you can expect another marriage process post, yaay!


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