Denver Debate- Round 1, Gunning For Big Bird

Mitt Romney is the ultimate used car salesman.  If you want to experience buyers remorse, go buy a used car from Romney.  He will sell you a 1989 Toyota Tercel like it was a 2000 Toyota Coralla, no offense to either of those models or Toyota.  Ultimately when you get home you will realize how badly you have been duped.  Romney did “win” the debate.

Ultimately the problem with this debate, and all others like it is how does one judge something that is so well orchestrated.  Yeah, its not your high school English class debate where a person walks in having only just written their talking points while walking between classes and making out with their girlfriend, because its their 20th week of being the “it” couple on campus, but even then the performance is not just substantive but rather rather qualitative in nature too.

What Romney did was present himself as a likable bully- he pushed a dozey half-sleepy Jim Lehrer around, and he aggressively pushed off President Obama with nicely crafted one-line-zingers.

The first debate was ridiculously wonky- all these numbers where trillions could easily be mixed up with billions, and millions could easily sound like it was meant to come off as a trillion or a gazillion.  Americans were supposedly so intelligent, so creative and so well informed that the very assumptions Romney and Obama were basing their answers off of were supposed to be thought of as “everybody knows that shit.”

Thats why its no surprise that the most salient moment during last nights debate was Mitt Romney liking everything, but wanting to kill it.  Romney liked healthcare access in Obamacare, but his first business off office was to kill it.  Romney liked regulations, but wanted to kill them in order to get business going again.  Romney liked the idea of Americans going back to work, but wants to kill them by sending them off to another war in the Middle East with Iran.  Romney love Big Bird, but for the sake of bringing down our federal deficit is willing to kill PBS.

Which is incredibly telling.  President Obama is willing to shoot to death Osama Bin Laden, while Mitt Romney is content with doing a drive by shooting on Big Bird.  Who’s the gangsta now?

Romney’s sticking to key talking points that appease his right wing base is also what governs his policies.  President Obama in a rare moment of clarity during the debate last night made that clear.  But do we honestly think that Romney has the deficit problem worked out?

Romney refuses to consider a single revenue generating proposal to address the deficit, instead he’s promised to not raise a single penny of taxes and focus entirely on slashing and gutting programs in order to cut the deficit.  Part of that brilliant plan is the targeting of PBS and children’s show Sesame Street.  But consider the size of our deficit and consider the size of Federal funding to PBS- trillions vs millions.  Romney’s argument to you is that every penny (million) counts toward a dollar (trillion).  Sound American value.  But if thats the case then Romney wouldn’t close off the debate on taxing to raise the necessary funding to begin to quickly cut the deficit.  Romney is selling us a program that looks all shiny but in reality makes absolutely no fiscal sense.

Who won the debate last night?  In my view it was Big Bird.  There is no way in hell I would allow Big Bird to be made unemployed and have his nest foreclosed upon.  Too many Americans have fallen victim to that.  Romney suggests he wants to save American jobs, yet he wants to put Big Bird and company out of one.  Go figure.

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