Frustrated by Syria?-Try a Subversive Marketing Campaign

God I am so sick of seeing and hearing about how America and the West continue to do nothing about the massacre of innocent people, especially children.  To be left incompetent by the likes of Russia and China on an issue that sits squarely upon our shoulders is not just depressing because it shows exactly the type of Super Power the United  States of America is today but also a shame to those early Pilgrims who chose this land, and those Revolutionaries and soldiers the continued to die for this country, to make it a “beckon for the world.”

We talk about freedom and democracy, but there are real people today who are dying for those values and principles in Syria.  Maybe we just don’t have the necessary political environment to take any action, so its the circumstances we are left with as Americans.  Let the killing continue; the Butcher of Damascus slaughter children while our President and his administration sit back unable to say anything of significance.

In my own act of defience I sent a special Father’s Day reminder along with the First Lady’s message.

for fathers day the children of syria spill their blood for freedom and democracy

Subvert a campaign, subversive marketing, lets see how many “Free Syria’s” we can get out there to wish the “President a Happy Father’s Day”   Just go the campaigns website to fill out a card with your name as “Free Syria” or a likeness there of, then facebook, tweet, tumble or whatever your social media fancy is out of it.


One thought on “Frustrated by Syria?-Try a Subversive Marketing Campaign

  1. I have to agree with you here. For the past few days, it seems like every time I check my RSS for news sites, I’m bombarded with yet another confirmed massacre in Syria. It just boggles my mind that both the international community and the U.S. internally, lack the political gumption to do anything about it. Of course part of it is China and Russia throwing their weight around, and it’s also partially America’s distaste for intervention, after man costly wars. However, we were able to contribute to Libya’s revolt, and eventually turn the keys over to European-led NATO forces, so, we can definitely take action without being drawn into another war.


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