Day 11- 70 Day Challenge- Top 15 Songs On My Workout Playlist

Checking in for Day 11 on my 70 Day Challenge– hold me accountable at youtube, pinterest, and twitter. I ran yesterday and finally got my mile under 11 minutes, so very close to being under 10 minutes.  I also got a great chest and shoulders workout in today.  Besides that I felt super sick after working out, like ready to puke not able to drive, totally sick to my stomach from all the stench and my body was heating up to the point that I wanted to jump in a tub of ice- now that was a good workout.

You hear a beat and start bobbing your head, tapping your foot and humming along.  I know that for as long as I could remember things music was present in my life.  Its like I had a soundtrack playing and marking various moments in my life.  Earliest musicians I remember were Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammed Rafi, there was Madonna and U2, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, always present was Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin and the list goes on.  This would seem a bit weird, considering that in 1994 I was all but twelve years old,  but after Kurt Cobain died I felt like “good music” died with it.  But music didn’t die for me, I have continued to expand my music horizons and discover new genres and find new bands.

1.  Lupe Fiasco- this world ends now-

2.  Everlast- stone in my hand-

3.  MIA- Bad Girls-

4.  David Guetta, feat Sia- Titanium-

David Guetta – “Titanium”  ft. Sia from lion on Vimeo.
Prometheus Brown and Bambu- Lookin’ Up- (explicit)

5.  Matt & Kim- Block after black-

6.  J*Davey- Quicksand-

7.  Santigold- Say Aha-

8.  King Khan and the Shrines- Land of the freak-

9.  The Wanted- Glad You Came-

10.  Vampire Weekend- Giving Up The Gun-

11.  The Vaccines- If you wanna-

12.  Material Issue- Valeria Loves Me-

13.  TV On The Radio- Will Do-

14.  College- Real Hero ft. Electric Youth-

And to cool down I usually am listening to Yuna– Come As You Are-

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