United States of America: Racism, Pastor Terry Jones and Christianity

You would think after this racist video, and this one, where these two girls said stuff like:

“Why can’t they f—–g talk right? I hate that. We are talking normal. We talk with very eligible — is that the right word? I meant, I meant, we are talking with, what is the f—-g word… You can understand what we are saying. Our accents, we use actual words.”

As opposed to Black people who were the center of their video’s attack.  After watching what happened to all these people, we hope others would have learned that speech while free, also carries an inherent responsibility.  What we say carry’s a degree of weight and we are held responsible for it- it is our speech, on one end of the spectrum, that will qualify as being “criminal” in context (you don’t walk into a theater and yell “Fire” without being held accountable nor can you incite violence against a person, especially due to their race, religion, gender, nationality or sexual orientation) or on the other end, at the least speech will result in  marginalization because you failed to meet the requirements of our society that believes holds citizens to a certain level of human decency and civility (you also would understand that given this country’s racial history, race is a sensitive issue and that its carried a bitter history for millions of Americans- the KKK is not accepted as a mainstream organization or ideology for a reason).

But no, this particular student- Dovespks- did no learn a little something about civility nor respect?  This high schools student from Gainsville High School decides to go on the defense of his two racists classmates- who have since withdrawn from the high school and also issued apologies for their video.

Dovespks decides to defend his two racists friends from Gainsville High School with his own video based on their freedom of speech and than- surprise surprise- launches in to a tirade bashing Islam, Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad, all the while espousing the peaceful and love infused teachings of Jesus Christ- does the irony not seem evident to him?

In another video they talk about how the “boys (Muslim/Afghan) are taught to blow themselves up” (while they innocently learn to play ball?- but at least in this video the kid doesn’t hide his face). These kids are not self-prescribed haters, they were taught how to hate, they attend Dove Church (a la Koran burning pastor, you think he’s not teaching hate?) His hatred doesn’t end there he put son his yellow ski mask for his anti-gay video here using the terms “faggot” using the Bible to justify his hate.

For someone who believes in their right to speech and their ideals so passionately, I wonder why he’s ashamed about hiding his message behind a ski mask.  Obviously he fears for his life, but you would think that if you feel that your message will get you such strong response, why would you feel that its okay to spew it?  He suggests that he learned as a child about “consequences for you actions” and I sure hope that he faces some of those consequences now.

America does not have just have a class problem, a health care crisis, obesity epidemic, education meltdown, economic recession, identity crisis- it has a problem with people who feel threatened by the world, whose hate and ignorance mingled with blind patriotism makes them a threat to the very ideals they cherish- and it just might be that a good number of these folks are “White” are “Christian” and feeling threatened about a lot of things, but whoever these folks are, instead of looking at what’s wrong with themselves and how the could constructively benefit society (Remember JFK- “Ask not what your country can do for you…?), they project absolute contradiction for what they believe they are defending.  I mean Dovespks defends free speech but then goes on an attack of peoples freedom to practice religion, really?

And we wonder why bullying is such a big issue in our schools?  Racism, bigotry and hatred are alive and thriving in Ameirca- Jeremy Lin (Asians in the library), immigrants…list goes on.  So it is under these circumstances that the Supreme Court will be evaluating college affirmative action case from Texas.


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