Day 8- 70 Day Challenge- Change You Can Believe In

Checking in for Day 8 on my 70 Day Challenge– hold me accountable at youtube, pinterest, and twitter. I went out to run an 8 mile trail near my apartment early in the morning today, it was amazing.

Funny that our society spends time eating everything and sitting on a couch doing nothing.  With such little physical activity we are faced with being overweight, obese and suffering from all sorts of diseases that are easily curable.  The irony is that we want to loose that weight over night.  There is the lap-band, you can take pills, you can sit in front of your TV while an electrical pulse goes through your abominable muscles to give you that rock hard 6-pack.

We want the shortcut to get out of the problems we have spent years putting in our efforts to acquire.

The fitness industry is a 25 billion dollar industry in the US with a .9% growth.  The diet industry is a $40 billion dollar industry, supplements and vitamins net in $20 billion a year (stats from here).  This is a massive industry- its aims are to get your money by utilizing your soft spot- desire to loose weight without the effort.  Gyms know that you will pay monthly installments and probably only show up a few times a year- around the “Fat Seasons” spring/summer transition, post Thanks Giving and Christmas/New Year resolutions.  They bank on your weakness to not follow through with those goals, to eat without thinking and to continue to reveal in your bad habits.   This industry preys on your real desire to loose weight and the video exemplifies how the vultures use tricks and short cuts to present something that is credible.

At the end of the day you are the tool for any change that needs to happen in your life.  Don’t rely on these shortcuts and don’t sit around looking for short cuts, get out there and start living the change that you are capable of making in your life!  You are the change that you need to believe in.

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